Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Year Computer Crash

Well as most of you know, I try to keep currant on my blog. HOWEVER....the most horrifying thing has hit me the past few months. After many frustration moments with my computer, I finally got the big "C" word dumped on me. "COMPUTER CRASH". First time in 15 years, and all because of a stupid mistake on my part. BEWARE....when you get what looks like a legit error message saying download anti-spyware to avoid the detected virus on your computer!!!! Well, I did it, I'm ashamed to admit because I thought I was way too smart and too on guard for this to happen. Now, I not only had to have a new hard drive, I think all my years of saved "pictures and artwork" are lost. PLEASE SAY A PRAYER FOR ME THAT SOME OF THIS CAN BE RETREIVED! At any rate and let this be a warning for all of you.....PLEASE get BACK UP DISCS of everything on your computer. I can't believe I was this stupid! But now, I'm faced with basically starting over and can't seem to get motivated back into my art. Maybe in the coming days, I sincerely HOPE!