Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fritz the Feline

SOLD after 5 min. on Etsy....THANKS!
Added a new painting in my Etsy shop today. Looks like "Fritz" or "Fritzie" whichever sex you'd like it to a little perturbed because his owner won't let him get that little songbird in the tree. All she wants to do is listen to the little Songbird sing the sounAdd Imageds of Summer. Oh well.


Once Upon A Blue Crow said...

Looks like they're both enjoying the blue bird!

Kelly said...

This is so sweet...I love the ribbons in her hair and the cats' expression.
I had a wonderful cat who looked just like Fritz...his name was Mr.Jinx.

bonnesinger said...

Thanks Kelly, In fact, if you don't mind I may name my next "Cat" painting after your little "Mr. Jinx"...cute! bonnie

Flor Larios Art said... is very pretty!